Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Review: Rode Videomic Pro and Stereo Videomic Pro

Sound is 50% of a movie. Most people stop watching your movie when the sound is badly recorded. With the whole revolution of shooting on DSLRs, new types of microphones have been designed. Rode has come up with the Videomic Pro and the Stereo Videomic Pro.

We have those microphones available to us so what is better than making a blog post about it? That's right, a video on our bbrevisited channel! Watch it and discover how these Rode microphones perform under different circumstances.

Some afterthoughts

I must say that it is rather annoying that the Nikon D7000 has no sound metering. This caused some of the recordings to be distorted as the signal was clipped. I did put the internal amplification on medium. The distortion could have been avoided by leaving the setting on automatic. That aside, the rest of the test went rather well.

The cardioid patterns of both microphones are very useful to pick up less sound behind the camera and more in front. They still pick up sound from a quite big environment though and do not filter as much out as a shotgun or a lavalier mic. I can agree that for the Stereo Videomic Pro this is rather an advantage than a drawback as it is designed for grabbing that environment. The big advantage for both is that they can record straight into the camera so no separate sound recorder is needed and they do beat the built in microphones of DSLRs hands down.

I found that the Videomic Pro picked up a bit more bass than the Stereo version but both performed well. The Stereo Videomic Pro records two channels which no built in mic can do.

Battery life is really not an issue. More than 70 hours on the Videomic Pro and even more than 100 hours on its stereo brother is really good performance. It will last you many days if you turn off the microphone every time you are not recording. Both microphones are also quite compact so they won't take up too much space in your bag.

If you are serious about recording sound properly I really recommend these two models from Rode.

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